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Painting and drawings in Ink   
This course is designed not only to see what effects  you can achieve with ink, but also to loosen up and get used to a free way of sketching lines and spots

Saturdays from 11 to 15:00h
in Amersfoort

Ink 'Figures that move'
based on an idea or a exemple, such as a wax sculpture. We look at attitude, anatomy and balance.
If a sketch is right and feels good, it's time to play with shadow, color and sometimes details

Wax statues
small staues ad example and inspiration
it's nice to make them in a quick manner, as three dimensional sketches
I use strong self-adhesive tape and wooden chopsticks
The base is coated with layers wax and further modeled

three hours per part, costs € 45 including material
We start the course with one lesson but often I arrange a follow-up course if one wants to continue with the development
Sign up for a course by sending an email containing name, required course and preference data
You will receive a form and brochure and I set groups together from 4 to 6 participants

Experiment of a student
Coloured inks, different brushes and water

drawing from Eva, Norway
she came two times to the Netherlands for a two days course
I make a base of a figure with sticks and adhesive tape
it is easy and a quick method
this base is covered and modeled with wax

I keep the wax statues as an example while drawing so that I can change the pose
It is also possible to cast a wax sculpture in bronze (cire perdu or a mol of silicone)
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